Jodie and Katharine

Jodie and Katharine met in 2008 whilst undertaking Ashtanga Teacher Training with John Scott and Lucy Crawford Scott. A strong friendship formed with our shared interest in Ashtanga Yoga and wholesome food, especially raw vegan delights.  If you’ve been on our day retreats you would’ve sampled our delicious food.

Our combined passion for Yoga and healthy eating is joyful, with our delivery being down to earth and accessible resulting in heartfelt teaching and fun for the lucky participants!

The Retreat Sisters offer their own retreats, either mini day retreats or weekends. We also proudly host world class Ashtanga teachers in luxurious residential settings.


We have both assisted our teacher John Scott at Purple Valley in Goa and we continually aim to better ourselves so that we can pass this knowledge on through our retreats.

With Love From

The Retreat Sisters xxx