Here’s some feedback that some of our retreat participants have shared with us, thank you to them for their kind and loving words…


How good is it when I go to an event like this for the first time and feel that it has been tailored for me personally; even for somebody on the bottom rung, like me?
It was my first time for a yoga experience of this nature and felt that the structure of the event could not be bettered; the depth of experience both of you have was extraordinary and your patience overwhelming.
I pay my money and expect something for it and I wasn’t disappointed as I felt it stretched me mentally and physically; no pun intended.  I felt I had achieved something.
I suppose the greatest compliment I would have, that when the event is staged again I would love to be able to book a place without being on the waiting list.  You can tell the person who cancelled and made a place for me, that I am very grateful. 
Well done ladies, the event was a credit to you.
We had a great day! the standard of teaching was excellent! I have been to many workshops, and you two are so friendly, warm and have a vast wealth of knowledge which you are able to pass on in an easy and understandable way!!
So a big thank you to you both, We would love to come to another day with you both.
Thank you Katharine and Jodie for arranging the weekend, it was wonderful to share this time with you. You make everything magical.